Perioperative hemostasis and blood management

Anesthesia and surgery are associated with blood loss, which in some patients leads to impaired hemostasis, coagulopathy and allogeneic blood transfusion requirements. The main objective in this research line is to improve our clinical insights in factors that may enhance the risk for perioperative bleeding and blood transfusion. We particularly focus on preoperative risk factors and perioperative interventions that are of influence in blood loss (anemia, anticoagulation, hemodilution), and novel approaches to assess the risk for bleeding (point-of-care coagulation measurements).

The research is performed in collaboration with the department of Cardio-thoracic Surgery of VUmc (dr. Alexander Vonk and Lerau van Barneveld), the department of Vascular Surgery of VUmc (dr. Jan Blankensteijn, dr. Christine Vermeulen) and the department of Anesthesiology of the MC Leeuwarden (dr. Jaap de Vries, dr. Fellery de Lange).

Promovendi:Michael Meesters , Dennis Veerhoek en David Burtman