Important to know

Medical security

In some cases it is necessary to visit the preoperative outpatient clinic with a specific appointment. In particular, if your are diagnozed with a specific illness it might be necessary to consult your treating physician in order to fully understand your health condition. This allows us to complete your health check and to determine your medical history before the consult with the anesthesiologist.

Waiting time

In general, it is not necessary to have an appointment for preoperative screening. It however might occur that it is necessary to perform additional examinations, which may take hours. It is therefore important to block your agenda for the preoperative sceening. The preoperative screening outpatient clinic is particularly busy in the afternoon.
It is not always possible to be anesthetized by the anesthesiologist your have consulted during your preoperative screening visit. You will meet your treating anesthesiologist in the hour before surgery. He/she will briefly discuss the appointments that are made during your preoperative screening visit. Your treating anesthesiologist is fully informed about your medical history and surgical procedure.

Bureau admission planning

The bureau admission planning informs you about the admission data, the location of surgery and the time point of the surgical procedure.

Time point surgical procedure

It is not always possible to make an exact estimation of the time point of your surgical procedure. In most cases the surgery program is defined on the day before your surgery, and unexpected changes due to emergency procedures are not always avoidable.