Acute Care

Anesthesiologists play a key role in the acute treatment of patients with life-threatening conditions such as major trauma, critical illness or cardiac arrest. Herein, a primary task is to stabilize compromised vital functions to preserve or restore oxygenation, perfusion, metabolism and homeostasis. Key interventions include acute airway-management, respiratory support (e.g., mechanical ventilation), hemodynamic optimization (e.g., fluid resuscitation, use of vasoactive or inotropic drugs), as well as specific symptomatic and causal treatment of the underlying condition.

The acute care research line deals with all aspects of the emergency care of acutely injured and critically ill patients, including prehospital emergency care. A main research theme is severe trauma, in particular, severe traumatic brain injury ( This research project focuses on the relationship between acute treatments and outcome after traumatic brain injury, with the goal to optimize the acute management. In close collaboration with the perioperative care research line, we also aim to gain deeper insight into the pathophysiology of shock and the relationship between tissue hypoperfusion, acute coagulopathy and organ failure in trauma and cardiac arrest. Other research projects on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and prehospital care are currently ongoing.

Are you a researcher, residents or medical student interested in acute care research? Please contact the research coordinator Acute Care: 
Dr. Patrick Schober
+31 (0)20 4443138
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