The department of Anesthesiology

The department of Anesthesiology is one of the largest departments residing in the VU University Medical Center. The department employs about 25 staff anesthesiologists, more than 40 residents in Anesthesiology and research faculty.

On a yearly base, about 14,000 patients undergo a surgical procedure with anesthesia care in the VU University Medical Center. During the perioperative period, the anesthesiologist collaborates with all involved specialtists including surgeons, emergency physicians, intensive care doctors and the service operating theaters. In collaboration with the department of Surgery, anesthesiologists are actively involved in the dispatch of the Mobile Medical Team (MMT) that is transported by air or ground to trauma or emergency patients within the Trauma region Northwest Netherlands.

Together with the department of Cardio-thoracic Surgery, about 600 patients undergo closed and open heart surgical procedures in collaboration with dedicated cardio-anesthesiologists.

In the weeks before surgery, patients visit the Preoperative Screening (POS) outpatient. During the POS visit, the health profile of patients are charted by anesthesiologists in order to reduce the patient risk profile during surgery. In case of a high risk profile or de novo diagnoses, patients are referred to specialties like Cardiology or Internal Medicine, for health optimization.

The departments houses more than 40 residents in Anesthesiology who follow a five year education program. During this education program, residents are trained as anesthesiologists, emergency physicians and intensive care doctors. The education program further includes a specific pain & pain relief internship. All residents are required to perform a scientific research project and provide a scientific presentation.

Scientific research plays a central role in the department. Scientific research in Anesthesiology not only enhances the academic profile of the department, but may contribute to improvement of the quality of clinical care.