The Anesthesiologist

In collaboration with the surgeon, the anesthesiologist arranges all procedures related to surgery and provides anesthesia during the operation. During your visit to the preoperative screening the anesthesiologist discusses the optimal type of anesthesia for your surgical procedure with you. Together with the anesthesiologist you are allowed to choose the best anesthetic strategy and you are encouraged to discuss all your wishes and reservations. This consult and additional physical examinations are performed in the preoperative screening outpatient clinic. The preoperative screening has the following goals:

  • Check of your physical condition and discussion of possibilities to improve your condition
  • Physical examination
  • Medical history, experience during previous surgical procedures
  • Discussion of anesthetic strategy
  • Use of medication before, during and after the surgical procedure
  • Discussion of allergies

Do you have questions with respect to the anesthesia procedure? Please feel free to ask the anesthesiologist, and to discuss your wishes and reservations. We will do our best to optimize your preparations for this important period in your life. This will allow you to face the surgical procedure with full confidence.