European Society of Anaesthesiology Clinical Trial Network

The aim of the European Society of Anaesthesiology Clinical Trial Network (ESA CTN) is to provide an infrastructure for clinical research in the fields of Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine by transnational European collaborative studies.

Several networks of clinical investigators in different parts of the world have demonstrated that some of the most relevant clinical questions can only be answered if several centres join forces. In Europe, many groups have undertaken successful clinical investigations in the field of intensive care medicine in past years but, unfortunately, long-term collaborative relationships have not been achieved.

In view of these facts, the ESA, as a society with more than 6200 members working in 97 countries, decided in 2010 to establish the ESA CTN, to facilitate, integrate and support clinical anaesthesiology research on an international level. Already in 2011 the first observational clinical trials could be performed with by ESA CTN and more than 500 centres contributed to the great success of EUSOS study and PERISCOPE study, which recently finished their patient recruitment.

The ESA CTN is managed by the ESA Research Committee (ESA RC), and reports to the ESA Board for its actions and activities. ESA CTN will assist with communication, sponsorship, and grant applications to investigators and research groups. 

For more information please visit the website.