The department of Anesthesiology of the VU University Medical Center distinguishes several research programs in the area of Pain, Pain Relief & Palliative Care, Acute Care, Perioperative Care and Airway Management. The research programs are supervised by Principal Investigators and Research Coordinators who are all staff member in the department. The type of scientific research varies from epidemiology, clinical trials and laboratory investigations. The department is actively looking for students and technicians who are interested in research internships within the field of Anesthesiology.

The research programs are embedded in the Research Institutes 'The Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine' ( EMGO+ ), 'The Institute for Cardiovascular Research' (ICaR-VU ) and MOVE 

Are you interested in participation in one of our research programs? Please contact our Research Coordinators or Principle Investigators: 

Pain, Pain Relief & Palliative Care 
Dr. Roberto Perez
+31 (0)20 444 0029 
P 2 hall 13 

Perioperative Care 
Dr. Christa Boer
+31 (0)20 444 3830
H 6F034 

Acute Care 
Dr. Patrick Schober
+31 (0)20 4443138
H 6F028

Experimental Laboratory for Vital Signs (ELVIS) 
Dr. Charissa van den Brom
+31 (0)20 444 2650 or +31 (0)20 444 8123 
H 5F026 or MF C-168 

Airway Management 
Dr. Hans Huitink
+31 (0)20 444 2983
H 5F021

Research Bureau: 
NoĆ«lle Tameris 
+31 (0)20 444 2928
H 6F035

Yoni van Duivenvoorde 
H 6F035