What is medical simulation?

Simulation is a training and feedback method in which learners practice tasks and processes in lifelike circumstances.

Medical simulation follows the lead of cockpit simulation training used in aviation, another high-risk, high-stress job where minor errors can quickly turn disastrous. In the 1960s, attempts at medical simulation flopped due to inadequate computer power. Then in the '80s, anesthesiology researchers introduced the technology to medicine as part of an effort to improve performance and reduce errors within their specialty.

A full environment simulator is similar to flight simulators used to train pilots. The pilot is immersed in a complete replica of the cockpit environment. In medicine, sophisticated mannequins, known as patient simulators provide health care professionals with a computer-based patient. Medical simulators allow individuals to practice procedures as often as required to reach proficiency without harming the patient. 

dr. Ralf Krage