MOVE Research Institute Amsterdam

Research institute MOVE is a collaboration between researchers of the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, VU University Medical Center and ACTA. The goal of MOVE is to understand human movement by conducting excellent scientific research. The underlying goal is to optimize movement of several groups of patients (i.e. patients with osteoporosis, arthrosis, cerebral palsy or a stroke) and of healthy persons (i.e. children, elderly, sportsmen/women and workers). The goals of MOVE are related to healthcare, with the focus on prevention and recovery of injury and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and on optimal recovery of tissue and function. Furthermore, MOVE wants to apply results of research, which are related to prevent injury and other health problems, as well as improve performance, in ergonomics and sports.

The cooperation between MOVE and department of anesthesiology is primary based on the researches within the theme Revalidation.

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