Institute for Education and Training

Instructie aan medisch ondersteunend personeel

The VU University Medical Center is one out of eight university medical centers in the Netherlands. They are non-profit organizations that integrate training, research and care, and are closely affiliated to a university. The role of the Faculty of Medicine is to train physicians and conduct research. 

Within VUmc, the Institute for Education and Training carries out one of the UMC's three core tasks: (science) education and training. The education portfolio is expanding and anticipating future developments in society. The IET comprises the Faculty of Medicine VU Amsterdam , VUmc Amstel Academy and VUmc Academy . Together, the three organizations provide training for healthcare professionals. 

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

VUmc is affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam). The university has strong links with people and society. Since it was founded in 1880, VU Amsterdam has been known for its distinctive approach to academic practice. It is ambitious in its teaching and research and encourages the free and open communication of ideas. VU Amsterdam stands for such universal university values as academic freedom and independence; values that are reflected in its name ('VU' is the Dutch abbreviation for 'free university'). The university's basic philosophy is revealed in its three core values:  responsible, open and personally engaged. 


VU Amsterdam is a highly diverse community. The staff and students represent many different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, faiths and personal ideologies.  The university wants to derive maximum benefit from this diversity. It aims to introduce greater differentiation in its education programs to meet the needs of the diverse student groups. It has special schemes in place for talented students, students from abroad and for those who want a wider choice of subjects in their courses.