Who is Adam?

Our simulationcenter consists of three rooms:

  1. The OR with the mannequin and a videosystem
  2. Controlroom
  3. Debriefingroom

    Adam is an patient simulator that breathes, responds to drugs, talks, and drives all the clinical monitors in the operating room, e.g., blood pressure and pulse rate. If one places a stethoscope over the spot where his heart should be, you can hear authentic beating sounds. His tongue and windpipe can swell - as a person's would in the event of a severe allergic reaction - and his teeth can be knocked out. The simulator is located in our simulation OR. For realistic simulations it is necessary to create a realistic OR-like setting with actual clinical equipment (modern anesthesia machine, defibrillator etc.). Furthermore, our simulation OR is equiped with a videosystem. With this system we videotape every scenario and use it later on for the intense debriefing. 

    Adam is connected by a cable to a computer terminal, and comes with software that enables him to mimic the symptoms of dozens of medical conditions, including septic shock and flash pulmonary edema. (His physiological settings can also be adjusted to correspond to actual cases.). There is also a control room with a one way viewing window. This is where the computer scenarios are controlled and the enactment is viewed and videoed. There can be radio communication with personnel in the operating room. 

    dr. Ralf Krage