Anti-angiogenic miRNA-based therapeutics

Development of anti-angiogenic miRNA-based therapeutics

J. van Beijnum1, M. van Berkel1, S. van der Velden1, V.L. Thijssen, A.W. Griffioen1, 
Depts. of 1Medical Oncology
Grant: TI Pharma


The concept we present here deals with major emerging advances in biomedical research: Using microRNAs (miRNA) as therapeutic modality and advancing nanoparticle delivery symstems for intracellular delivery of nucleic acid agents. These aspects will we combined with the identification of surface receptor targets on tumor blood vessels tot allow for therapeutic intervention  through localized cellular uptake of the nanoparticle  delivered nucleic acids. In this way we aim to develop anti-angiogenic MiRNA-based therapeutic products.