VUmc School of Medical Sciences finds it important to offer a programme based on the theme of socially accountable medical education to its students. Hence there is a focus on evidence-based education and training. The Team Research in Education was formed in 2012 with a view on generating this evidence through and from research. This team is headed by Rashmi Kusurkar, MD, PhD, and consists of two professors, two assistant professors, one post-doc, six PhD students, one research assistant and one biostatistician. Each professor is a programme leader with his/her own PhD students. There are four domains of research: Faculty development, Pharmacotherapy education, Socially accountable undergraduate medical education and Socially accountable postgraduate medical education. The theme "Socially accountable undergraduate medical education" encompasses several sub-themes like student motivation, interprofessional education, professional behaviour of students and selection.

The team has several related responsibilities within the organization, including advising on educational innovations and developments, developing an academic mindset among the staff members of IOO (Institute of Education and Training), and creating international visibility for the institute in the field of research and education.