International programs

Minor in Medicine

Semester 1 of the third year of the Bachelor's program comprise an English-taught Minor, with a wide range of subjects to choose from. The Minor gives students from abroad the opportunity to spend a semester at VUmc and students of Medicine at VUmc the opportunity to study abroad. Click here for an overview of the VU partner network.

Master's program in Cardiovascular Research

In the Cardiovascular Research Master program, students work on research questions aimed at improving cardiac function in heart failure and improving vascular function in conditions such as diabetes and obesity. 

Cardiovascular research is interdisciplinary by nature and is flourishing as a result of close collaboration between clinical researchers and basic scientists. 

Knowledge of physiology, molecular cell biology, pathology and pharmacology is required in order to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying these illnesses. This also applies to clinical-trial design and epidemiology, basic laboratory skills and the ability to communicate clearly with other academics and scientists. 

Christa Boer, Director of Master's program in Cardiovascular Research
"We train students to work together to solve problems in the field of cardiovascular disease. It is a wonderful approach."

Master's degree program in Oncology

Cancer is one of the main causes of death in the Western world. In our ageing society, the number of people suffering from cancer will continue to increase in the coming decades. This makes it all the more urgent to prevent, detect and treat the disease. 

Research into the long-term effects of cancer treatment is also essential, given that people are living longer after successful treatment. 

Cancer research is multidisciplinary and is conducted in the context of a global network. Researchers need to be well equipped with knowledge and skills in order to function effectively in such a demanding environment. The Master's program in Oncology provides the necessary training for carrying out this important interdisciplinary work effectively.