Work and Health

Prof. J.R. Anema, chair   
Working is healthy. Nevertheless, many health complaints caused by work, and absenteeism and disability are major social problems. As a result, both prevention and return to work are very relevant. Spear points are:

1. Promoting healthy lifestyles for workers

2. Prevention of work-related complaints and absenteeism

3. Return to work after absenteeism and incapacity for work

4. Costs and benefits of work-related interventions

5. Participation of workers with work limitations. The line participates together with health and safety services and companies in various Academic Workplaces Business Health Care with the Dutch Social Security Agency (UWV) in an Academic Workplace Insurance Medicine (KCVG) and with the City of Amsterdam in the Academic Workplace Work Participation and Income.

In 2002, the Body @ Work research center was established, a close collaboration between the VU Medical Center and TNO Healthy Living. One of the two main areas of focus of Body @ Work is work and health.

Senior researchers and postdocs

Prof. J.R. Anema 
Prof. A.J. van der Beek P.M. Bongers 
Prof. C.R.L. Boot 
Dr P. Coenen
Dr C. Gielen 
Dr G. Hulsegge
Dr M.A. Huysmans
Prof. W. van Mechelen 
Dr J. van Rijssen 
Dr F. Schaafsma