Sport, lifestyle and health

Prof. E.A.L.M. Verhagen, chair

The research within the research line Sport, Lifestyle and Health focuses on the relationship between physical (in) activity and health. The research within the SLG research line can roughly be divided into the two main themes: "Lifestyle & Health" and "Sports & Health".

The theme "Lifestyle & Health" focuses on the health risks and prevalence of too little exercise and too much sitting, as well as effective methods to stimulate a healthy lifestyle; the focus is primarily on physical inactivity and sedentary behavior.

The theme "Sport & Health" focuses on the prevention of sports and exercise injuries, as well as on the efficiency and implementation of effective preventive measures. The focus is on common injuries (ankle sprain), high-risk groups (youth) and high-risk sports (running).

Within this research line there is active collaboration with the AMC within the IOC accredited IOC Research Center "Amsterdam Collaboration on Health & Safety in Sports".

Senior researchers and postdocs:

Prof.dr. E.A.L.M. Verhagen
Dr. J.G.M. Jelsma

Prof.dr. W. van Mechelen

Dr. F. van Nassau

Dr. J. Nauta

Dr. H.P. van der Ploeg

Dr. R. Rössler
Dr I. Vriend