With our research we aim to close the gap between gene discovery and population health benefit. A brief summary of research topics in which we are involved: 

Care research
- implementation of best practice guidelines
- implementation of preconception care
- implementation of prenatal screening 
- implementation of neonatal screening
- implementation of carrier screening 

Genetic studies
- improving risk assessment in consanguineous couples 

Epidemiological studies
- genetic risk prediction
- frequency of genetic diseases, assessment and frequency of risk factors, esp. in relation to possibilities for prevention 
Risk perception and risk communication
- perceived health related to genetic risk information
- genetic risk and informed (reproductive) decision making 
- family history information as a tool to prevent disease

Policy, ethical, legal and social implications
- legal questions related to solidarity (esp. related to insurance)
- genetics and neurosciences in the courtroom
- ethical guaranteeing of individual autonomy and informed decision making 
- governance in biobanking

Genetic education
- improving professional genetic knowledge/skills 
- genetic knowledge and attitudes of the public