The research group hosts a range of disciplines such as epidemiology, ethics, sociology, psychology, health sciences and medicine.

Members of the research group Community Genetics are:

Ms. Prof. M.C. Cornel , MD, PhD, epidemiologist, professor of community genetics and public health genomics
Ms. Prof. A.C.J.W. (Cecile) Janssens , PhD, research professor of epidemiology
Mr. Prof. L.P. ten Kate, MD, PhD, emeritus professor of clinical genetics
Ms. L. Henneman , PhD, associate professor, health scientist 
Ms. C.G. van El , PhD,  researcher, sociologist
Ms. J.H. Kleinveld, PhD, psychologist
Mr. D. de Smit, PhD, senior researcher, 
Ms. S. Weinreich , PhD, senior researcher, medical biologist, epidemiologist  
Ms. T. Rigter , PhD, science communication
Ms. M.E. Jansen, PhD, implementation research
Ms. K van der Meij, Msc, junior researcher
Ms I. van Dijke, Msc, PhD student, health scientist 
Ms. C.Vrinten , MSc, junior researcher 
Ms. F. Martens , MSc, junior researcher