The conducting of clinical scientific research is bound by legislation and regulations and Dutch legislature demands from  researchers to meet a whole complex set of requirements.

In addition, in the UMC's but also in the peripheral hospitals, an increasing number of disciplines are involved in the implementation of human research.

As a consequence, a clinical researcher is not only expected to be an expert in the field of research, but also to have an excellent knowledge of the latest legislation and regulations, international guidelines, as well as how to reach an agreement with key stakeholders, including medical centres, supporting departments and the pharmaceutical industry, in order to carry out the study.

Finally, reporting of research information in an adequate manner, preferably in the form of an article published in a "high impact journal",  is of the utmost importance to meet the social obligation of publishing and sharing the latest medical knowledge. Furthermore, it contributes to fundraising for new research projects.

To meet the latest requirements for scientific research in the Netherlands an Introductory Clinical Research Organization (BROK-Course) has been developed in every UMC in the Netherlands. 

The course objectives are part of a comprehensive programme which has been established nationwide and the course is completed with a national examination. 

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