Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA)

Your company or organisation wants to invest for the future in innovative concepts. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) former the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) can bring you into contact with researchers at VU University and Medical Center who will help you achieve this goal. To do so, we would like to hear from you in which specific areas you are looking for new ideas, knowledge or technology. Collaboration with VU and VUmc will provide you with access to top class knowledge on the campus and through international networks.  

VU & VUmc have available a complete high technology infrastructure with experts in a wide range of research areas and a top grade academic hospital with facilities for clinical trials. In this way you benefit from a reservoir of knowledge and technology and an existing research infrastructure.      
We will make clear arrangements with you concerning all aspects of the collaboration, including any licences required. In certain cases cooperation may even lead to the start up of a new company (a “Technostarter”)

We will be pleased to inform you about the opportunities for collaboration with VU & VUmc. 
Please contact us for more information. Your enquiry will be treated in confidence. 

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