General Practice & Elderly Care Medicine

Welcome to the Department of General Practice & Elderly Care Medicine.

Our department focuses on:

  • Patient care. In our University General Practice (Universitaire Huisartsenpraktijk, UHP), senior, junior and training general practitioners provide family care to nearby residents and students. Our University Elderly Practie (Universitaire Praktijk Ouderengeneeskunde, UPO) we treat elderly patients, and combine the knowledge of an elderly care specialist with that of our general practitioners.
  • Academisation. As the front runners in the academisation of general practices (ANH) and nursing homes (UNO) in the Netherlands, we are continually setting and reviewing our research-based standards, which we naturally also apply in our own expanding network of academic practitioners.
  • Medical education. Our department is one of the major players in the bachelor's and master's degree courses, being responsible for the design, organisation and execution of a wide range of (interdisciplinary) taught courses in the undergraduate years and four internships for master's degree students in affiliated practices and nursing homes in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Professional education. Newly graduated doctors who want to specialise as general practitioners or elderly care specialists enrol in one of our two specialisation courses, ("huisartsopleiding" or "GERION") each comprising a 3-year traineeship in an affiliated general practice or nursing home with weekly in-house sessions focused on learning, reflection and peer support.
  • Continuing education through accredited courses for all the affiliated professionals in the field, with subjects ranging from teaching in the professional practice to specialist medical topics.
  • Scientific research. Senior and junior researchers and numerous PhD students are continually researching a wide variety of issues within our main research areas of Soma and Psyche, Diabetes, Elderly Patients in the General Practice, Psychogeriatrics, Geriatric Palliative Care, and Geriatric Rehabilitation.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration in the Amsterdam Center of Aging, where some 13 groups of researchers from different faculties, departments and research institutes are involved in a great many studies into the aging population of the Netherlands.