Leading Health & Life Science Research in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Research brings together opinion leading academic research in the field of Health & Life Sciences developed in the Amsterdam region. In doing so - and on the authority of the two medical centers and the two universities - Amsterdam now has eight alliance research institutes, each with dedicated expertise and focussed on particular disease indications. On this website you will find an overview of the biomedical research being executed in these institutes.

Amsterdam Cardiovasculaire Sciences

The mission of Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences is to design knowledge-based treatment strategies to prevent and cure cardiovascular diseases. For this purpose, education, research and clinical activities are concentrated in five Research Programs that not only translate experiments to clinical interventions, but also use clinical observations to develop and validate novel biological concepts.

Amsterdam Gastroenterology & Metabolism

Efficient digestion and metabolism is necessary to sustain our daily energy expenditure. The body’s machinery required to manage this task is one of the most important organ systems burdened by disease. From January 2017 this institute unites the research of the AMC and VUmc of nutrition, microbiology, digestion, endocrinology and metabolism.

Amsterdam Infection & Immunity

In 2017 the Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute will create a superb environment enabling high level multidisciplinary basic, preclinical and clinical research on fundamental aspects of infectious diseases and immunity during infection, auto-inflammation and cancer.

Amsterdam Movement Sciences

Amsterdam Movement Sciences conducts scientific research to optimize human movement and physical performance in health and disease in order to contribute to the fulfillment of a meaningful life. Our interdisciplinary research, covering from fundamental to clinical and from cellular to population research, is unique in the world.

Amsterdam Neuroscience

With over 850 employees Amsterdam Neuroscience produces more than 1200 publications. To improve the understanding of the human brain and nervous system in health and disease we perform integrated basic, translational and clinical research, which is among the best in the Netherlands and beyond.

Amsterdam Public Health

Amsterdam Public Health is a center of excellence for multi- and interdisciplinary research on health and health care issues in transmural and extramural settings.

Amsterdam Reproduction & Development

The circle of life is a continuous process from conception through development back to conception. At Reproduction & Development (R&D) we study the effects of diseases and interventions on human development covering the complete process from gamete to adult.

Cancer Center Amsterdam

The Cancer Center Amsterdam is a multidisciplinary research institute that aims to innovate cancer care by combining biological insight and technical developments with patient-centered therapies. We believe that our research of today should be the therapy of tomorrow, benefiting patients with cancer.