Hora Finita is the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam online system for PhD candidates, to register your PhD trajectory.

How it works

I am a PhD candidate (or supervisor) on a doctoral program that is officially approved by the Dean’s office and registered at the Beadle’s office (via Form I)

All available data from PhD students who have already been admitted to the doctoral program (via Form I at Dean's office and eventually the Beadle's office), have been transferred to Hora Finita . PhD candidates and supervisors who are formally linked to a doctoral program (via Form I) already have access to Hora Finita. However, to actually work in Hora Finita, it is important that a link is made between Peoplesoft and Hora Finita so that you can log in with your VUmc account.

IMPORTANT: All the VUmc accounts will be merged into Hora Finita gradually, so it might be possible that your account has no access to Hora Finita yet. If you can not access Hora Finita now, please try again in one week. If you still do not have access then, please contact your contact_person at your research institute to arrange a match manually.

I am PhD candidate (or supervisor) on a doctoral program that has not been registered to the Dean’s/Beadle’s office via Form I.

From now on, the registration of new PhD trajectories in Hora Finita must be initiated by the research institute where your project is primarily embedded. The support staff of your research institute are key_users of Hora Finita. This means that the supervisor (or the PhD candidate with supervisor on cc) must report the trajectory to the key users with the following information:

-        department and research program where the project is embedded,

-        names of all supervisors,

-        whether the PhD candidate is external, 

-        e-mail address of the PhD candidate.

All internal and external supervisors will be linked to the PhD trajectory by the research institute when the PhD candidate is registered in Hora Finita. This will give them access to the PhD track in Hora Finita.

I am a PhD candidate and am about to defend my thesis

PhD candidates who are about to complete their PhD trajectory (date for the defence has already been scheduled) do so in the old way. In order to avoid unnecessary duplication of work Hora Finita will not be used for these projects.

I am an external PhD candidate with no VUmc log in account or VU-net ID

PhD candidates without a VUmc log in account, whose trajectory is in Hora Finita (e.g. external PhD’s), have received an external login name and password within two weeks after the system is up and running. External PhD candidates whose trajectory is not in Hora Finita yet should contact their research institute to obtain an external login and to initiate the registration of their PhD trajectory (see situation 2).

To apply for admission to the PhD track, at the start of the track you have to submit data in Hora Finita.
The first step is to contact the counselor and/or the PhD committee of your research institute, to get admission to the system Hora Finita.
Please find the names of the counselors here.

Please check the manual for more information on Hora Finita.

In brief
After the necessary details have been uploaded in Hora Finita, a message will be sent to consecutively your supervisor and the dean, for approval. Thereafter Hora Finita sends a message to the rector magnificus. After his approval you will receive by e-mail the decision on the admission to the PhD trajectory. From that moment you are allowed to work in Hora Finita during your PhD trajectory.

If you did receive a confirmation of being admitted to the PhD trajectory recently or earlier, you have already been registered in the system of Hora Finita. If you did not receive an email concercing your access by July 31 2018, please send an email to the office of the dean.

In case of questions, please contact the office of the dean.