General and practical information

General information

As from 1 July 2019 the new Doctorate Regulations Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have come into effect.

These are the most important changes:

  • The text has been edited to modern and gender neutral language.
  • Article 8, on procedures before starting the PhD trajectory, has been rewritten, in accordance with Hora Finita.
  • The composition of the doctorate board has been modified, concerning the exclusion of external members who have co-authored articles that are included in the PhD candidate’s dissertation (art. 13.5).
  • Rules concerning the training & Supervision plan have been developed i.r.o. contents of the training programme and the PhD trajectory’s planning with options for go/no go decisions at any given time (art 14).
  • Procedures on the assessment of the manuscript have been clarified. After receipt of the report from the chair of the Doctorate Board, the Dean will decide to approve or reject the manuscript. If one member of the Doctorate Board is of the opinion that the manuscript does not meet the final attainment levels, depending on the situation, the Dean can still approve the manuscript with supporting arguments, give the PhD candidate the opportunity to improve the manuscript and submit a revised version of the manuscript, or he can decide to end the PhD trajectory (art 23, 24).
  • Rules concerning the meetings of the Doctorate Board during the PhD ceremony have been clarified (art 28).
  • Article 35 describes the possibilities in case of any problems during the PhD trajectory.

Please note:
Article 16.2b contains an error:
It says: (..) The articles have all been published (in whole or in part). (..).
This should be like it used to be: The Dissertation shall consist of either a single academic discourse on a given subject or a collection of a number of separate academic articles, all or part of which have been published, (..).
This will be edited on short term.

Questions about the PhD regulations and other related matters can be sent to the office of the dean VU University Medical Center:

VU University medical center holds 140 or more PhD conferral ceremonies each year. This large number of conferrals makes it very important to have an even distribution over the year. As a lot of ceremonies are planned in the final weeks before summer recess and during the last months of the year, the wait may be longer in these periods. Also bear in mind that Friday is the most popular day. Owing to the large number of ceremonies, there can be a wait of one to four months. As soon as you have received the reading committee's approval you can discuss your ceremony with the Doctorate Board. You can then apply for a reservation at the Beadle's Office at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Beadle's Office currently allows candidates to submit two date options. This procedure maximizes the chance that you will get the date and time of your choice. If the time of your choice is not available and you have to move the ceremony to another day, month or even to the next year (if you requested a date in December), this can also have financial consequences. 

PhD competence model
VU University medical center PhD candidates should be equipped to pursue a career inside or outside academia after their PhD track. Excellence in the doctorate level training of PhD candidates as highly qualified future professionals in an international environment is essential. VU University medical center aims at creating an infrastructure to promote and support this excellence. PhD candidates are challenged to model their own learning processes. Offering a self-assessment tool for PhD competences is one way to encourage PhD candidates to self-reflect on their capacities and further develop themselves. More information on this tool, the PhD competence model, you can find here.

Information for PhD's at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
If you have any questions about doing a PhD at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam this website or contact the office of the Beadle:

Beadle's office
De Boelelaan 1105 room 2D-09 
1081 HV Amsterdam 
T: 020-5985309