General contact information

General questions about the PhD regulations and other related matters can be sent to

For requesting or submitting form I and II and questions concerning other matters on the PhD regulations that involve the VU University medical center dean's office you can send an e-mail to Khadija Asafiati-Bakkali ( 

Contact information PhD committees Research Institutes and Counselors Research Institutes

Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences: Secretary Isabelle Vergroesen

Amsterdam Gastroenterology Endocrinology Metabolism: Policy officer Eva Dirkx-Beuling

Amsterdam Center for Infection & Immunology: Policy officer Yvonne Duiker 

Amsterdam Movement Sciences: Secretary Solveig Lund  Counselor Frans Nollet  

Amsterdam Neuroscience: Chair Arjen Brussaard , Secretary Thea Laan

Amsterdam Public Health: Policy officer DaniĆ«lle van der Laan

Amsterdam Reproduction & Development: Policy officer Eva Dirkx-Beuling

Cancer Center Amsterdam: Bureau CCA, Policy officer Evelien Bos