Websites in Dutch

Alzheimer Nederland

Website of the Dutch Alzheimer's Association.


Website of the VU University medical center Alzheimer center on diagnosis, care and treatment.

Expertisecentrum Mantelzorg

The expert center informal care performs research and provides information for informal carers of people with dementia.

Geef om Alzheimer

Website of the Alzheimer's Foundation in Limburg, the Netherlands.

IDé - Innovatiekring Dementie

IDé aims to improve the quality of life of people with dementia.

Jong Dement

Information on dementia at a young age in the Euro region.

Loket Gezond Leven

A government site for professionals, with pracitical tips, information, and an intervention database on improving healthy life styles.

Moderne Dementiezorg

Website with information on innovative interventions in dementia care.


MOVISIE is the national knowledge institute for applicable knowledge, advice and solution on the welfare, participation, social care and safety.

Nationaal Kompas

Government website with statistic information on the health status of the Dutch population.


Dutch institute for health services research

Lotgenoten Pick

Information on frontotemporal dementia and peer contact.