Although there is no cure for dementia yet, there are treatments that can slow down the deterioration process or make the consequences of the disease more bearable for the person with dementia and his environment. Psychosocial treatment methods are one example. An advantage of these methods is that they do not have the negative side effects that medication often has. These treatment methods are the subject of many (inter)national studies.

The goal of the Information Desk Effective Care & Treatment in Dementia is to disseminate the knowledge gathered in all this research among all who could benefit from it in their daily lives or in their work: people with dementia, informal carers, professional carers, care and welfare organizations and policymakers. The Information Desk does this by:

  • providing information on the website
  • disseminating implementation materials
  • offering practical advice

In this way the Information Desk hopes to contribute to the dissemination of effective psychosocial care and treatment methods for people with dementia.

Development of the Information Desk Effective Care & Treatment in Dementia was made possible by grants from Stichting Steun VCVGZ (Vereniging tot Christelijke verzorging van geest- en zenuwzieken) and Stichting Hofjes Codde & Van Beresteijn. This Information Desk originates from the Helpdesk Meeting Centres for people with dementia and their carers.